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Zoë Kravitz May Be Following Her Dad’s Footsteps With a Potential New Solo Album

Recently, Zoë Kravitz dropped the bombshell news that she may be releasing a solo album sooner than we think, and we’re already getting Lenny Kravitz vibes from it.

For the cover story for AnOther Magazine’s Autumn/Winter issue, Kravitz dished about everything going on in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and she revealed that an upcoming solo album is something she’s been working on for quite some time now.

While her R&B and electropop band, Lolawolf, is no more, she divulged that she and producer Jack Antonoff have been working on her upcoming solo album, and it promises to show us an intimate side of the star.

When asked about the album, Kravitz said, “It’s personal. It’s about love and loss. I got married. I got divorced. Separations, break-ups are sad but are beautiful things too. It’s about the bittersweetness, that beginning, and that end. It’s so complex, that space, when you’re in between heartbroken and mourning the loss of something and excited for what’s ahead of you.”

It’s safe to say we’re in store for an insanely powerful album from Kravitz, who was married to Karl Glusman for 18 months; they filed for divorce in December 2020. Now, she has been linked romantically to actor Channing Tatum, with rumors swirling with every appearance they make.

Kravitz has conquered the acting and style world like her mother, Lisa Bonet. But it’s about time she conquers her father’s musical world as well.

Kravitz has said she’s super close with her father, and calls him every day. When she was on an episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, she said, “If I don’t hear from him, I start to wonder what’s going on. He just loves to chat.”

Whenever the album may come out, we’re excited to hear Kravitz’s relationship revelations.

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