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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Made Onlookers Swoon in These Photos From Their Madison Square Park Day

There’s nothing more romantic than New York City in the fall and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking full advantage of the colorful falling leaves and the cozy fashions — in addition to a little PDA. The couple has continued to enjoy Manhattan after their Met Gala appearance and J.Lo’s Global Citizen Live concert performance.

The latest photos of the so-in-love couple have them taking a stroll through Madison Square Park on a beautiful, crisp day. Lopez layered her plaid green dress with a complementary plaid jacket while Affleck kept it simple with an all-black outfit. The duo only had eyes for each other as she intently listened to her boyfriend in what looked to be a very fascinating conversation. There were park visitors all around them grabbing their phones to capture what was probably an unbelievable sight in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. But Bennifer didn’t even notice the cameras because they are so famous that at this point, they are probably used to the intrusion.

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But an afternoon with J.Lo and Affleck isn’t complete without a PDA session in the middle of Manhattan. The couple stopped and huddled on the sidewalk to make out with each other so the whole world could see their love. If you look closely, they are smiling and kissing at the same time because their Bennifer 2.0 romance is glorious.

With the couple already making plans for the holiday season, we can’t wait to see what the next set of romantic photos will deliver — because they aren’t hiding their love at all. Some may feel like it’s one PR campaign, but you can’t fake a real romance for long, and Bennifer is in it deep the second time around.

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