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Brittany Aldean’s New Family Photos Seem to Confirm She’s Still Team Trump

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, has never been shy about her political beliefs, often sharing her thoughts with her followers on her social media pages. Sure, she sometimes finds herself in hot water for continuing to support Donald Trump, but she’s solidly standing by her political party.

On Sunday, she posted a photo of her and Jason, but it wasn’t the sweet couple shot that many noticed — it was the political message on her t-shirt, which reads, “Anti-Biden Social Club.” Jason wasn’t wearing anything with a political message, but their kids, son Memphis, 3, and daughter Navy, 2, were. In the second image she shared, the children have on “Hidin’ From Biden” shirts, so it’s pretty clear her political views are still in the Republican corner.

A few notable people in Republican circles commented on the family carousel, including Tomi Lahren, who wrote, “Boom!!!” And Candace Owens, who chimed in, “Omggggg 😂😂😂😂😂 I love you wayyyy too much!” And yes, there were a few other social media users who were disappointed that she chose to put her kids into the political debate, but Brittany isn’t one to shy away from controversy. It’s clear she is OK with voicing her opinions on social media — even though not everyone agrees. 

Last November, she wore a Trump sweatshirt with an American flag after he lost the election. She added text to the Instagram Story that said, “... STILL MY PRESIDENT,” per Fox News. In those heated days, it lead to much discourse in her comments from Joe Biden voters, so she followed up with another Instagram Story, that explained, “I will continue to speak for the people the message me and aren’t able (for fear of losing business or friends). It is disgusting to me that ‘freedom of speech’ applies to everyone but Republicans.”

This likely won’t be the last time Brittany discusses her political opinions and maybe that signals something more in that arena in the future. And Biden shouldn’t count on her vote anytime soon — or like, ever.

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