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The British Tabloids Are Already Tearing Apart Every Detail of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s NY Trip

It looks like the British tabloids just won’t give up on tearing Meghan Markle down. In her interview with Oprah she shared just how difficult it was to witness such horrible headlines with her name in the middle of them. Well, even after leaving the royal family and moving back to America with Prince Harry, the British tabloids just won’t quit. Following their attendance of the Global Citizen Live event in NYC, the tabloids made sure to share their thoughts on the appearance.

She and Prince Harry attended the event to help spread awareness for the need of vaccine equality, and somehow the Daily Mail had to comment on her choice of dress. They wrote, “Meghan opted for a bizarre outfit choice of a long black coat and grey patterned scarf on a day when many New Yorkers were basking in the last of the city’s summer sun…The duchess appears to have ignored the weather forecast when she packed for their three-day tour of New York City, as the California native has sported a variety of heavy coats throughout the trip.” Why can’t they just leave Markle alone? Or stop commenting on things that aren’t relevant. We can only imagine how tiring the snide comments and backlash she constantly receives must get.

We’re glad that she and Harry have each other to get through the constant scrutiny they’ve gotten since leaving the UK. We look forward to seeing what other humanitarian efforts the couple make together.

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