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Paulina Porizkova Pointed Out This Double Standard Women & Girls Face When it Comes to Their Appearance

The amount of pressure women and girls have to face when it comes to societal beauty standards can be overwhelming, and Paulina Porizkova is not here for it. The model has been using her Instagram platform to tackle certain topics from grief and loneliness to unfiltered vulnerability. Now, she’s sharing her thoughts on the double standards women and girls face when it comes to their appearance.

Porizkova’s latest Instagram post featured a selfie with a thought-provoking caption. “A model gets disfigured trying to look the way you want and expect her to look,” she wrote. “An athlete gets injured trying to be as strong and limber as you want and expect him to be. One gets shamed for vanity, the other applauded for their sacrifice,” she mused, adding some quizzical looking emojis.

“As long as us women are told, from the time they are little girls, that their looks are the most valuable part of them, how do you expect them NOT to care?” Porizkova asked her followers. Porizkova’s latest post definitely struck a chord with her fans. The model and social media maven has been very open about sharing her thoughts and life experiences on the ‘Gram for some time, and with each new post, she gives her followers pause to consider the bigger picture.

With her latest, Porizkova reminds us of the pressure women and girls often face to prioritize their appearance, while also being labeled too self-indulgent if they do so; causing a conflict we don’t often talk about. Much like her fans, we’re enjoying these reflections and look forward to seeing what Porizkova shares next.

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