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Tim McGraw Can’t Get Over How Sexy Faith Hill Is in This Clip He Shared For Her Birthday

Few celebrity couples have the longevity and enduring love that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw seem to possess after roughly 25 years of marriage. And yet, with each new year, the beloved country music couple’s love seems to grow stronger and stronger. That couldn’t have been more apparent in McGraw’s post to Instagram on Hill’s birthday, which featured the music video for her 1999 hit song “Breathe.”

The clip, which McGraw shared just yesterday, began with footage from Hill’s “Breathe.” In this particular segment from the video, Hill wore a stunning, satin slip dress and even laid in bed covered only in sheets! She looked incredible — and her husband knew it, too. “When you see that video, every time it goes by, what do you think?” Diane Sawyer asked McGraw during a 2001 Good Morning America interview. McGraw’s response? Well, it was absolutely pitch-perfect.

“That’s my wife,” McGraw gushed to Sawyer. “It’s like, I want to call up all my college buddies and say, ‘Hey, I’m married to her.'” Of course, the video didn’t simply end there. Cut to today, McGraw was sat on a couch addressing the camera — and his wife — with the sweetest message. “Hey, baby. I still feel the same way — even more so,” McGraw said.

“Happy birthday,” the singer continued, joking that his wife “caught up with me, finally” in age. “I wouldn’t change anything for the world, and I love you.” Since they tied the knot in 1996, it seems like Hill and McGraw have been the ultimate power couple. Not everything in their marriage has always been easy, but they’ve continued to be there for one another through it all, and after nearly 25 years and three children together, we cannot wait to watch this couple’s love continue to flourish!

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Tim McGraw, Faith Hill

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