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Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade Is Sparking ‘DWTS’ Backlash by Saying She’s ‘Best-Known’ as an Influencer

Whether you knew her from her beauty-based YouTube channel or the infamous college admission scandal, chances are you’ve heard of Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade. Once again, Jade is in hot water, but this time it’s for what she said during her Dancing With the Stars debut. In her DWTS intro, Jade says she’s best known for being an influencer, and people have some strong opinions about that.

“I’m probably best known for being an influencer. But the last few years I’ve been, I guess you could say, wrapped up in a scandal.” Jade cheekily said.

What may have seemed like a simple sentence to her soon became the beginning of yet another Olivia Jade scandal. Many say she’s better known for her and her family’s involvement in the 2019 college admissions scandal, where her parents, and many others, bribed college officials to get their children into high-profile schools. For Jade, that meant getting accepted into the University of Southern California (USC) under the false notion that she was a “highly talented” champion rower.

After the scandal went public, Jade dropped out of USC to focus on being a full-time influencer, which led her to DWTS. She said, “I’m not trying to pull a pity card, but I need to move forward and do better. I just want to show people I have a different side to me. I have a strong work ethic.”

Jade and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy, Ukrainian dancer and two-time winner of DWTS, danced a salsa to “Juice” by Lizzo. The performance was well-received, with judge Carrie Ann Inaba complimenting Jade’s “great lines and great legs” in her feedback.

Sadly, great lines and legs can’t save someone from Twitter. One person tweeted, “More known for being an entitled cheater!” And another tweeting, “And of course they partner Olivia Jade with Valentin, the most loved pro on the show. I see what this show is trying to do.”

Despite Twitter and most of social media getting on Jade’s case, Jade’s partner is firmly on her side, saying to Jade on the show: “I got your back. I’m not really looking at your past. It’s what you do here for me that’s important. Dancing with the Stars is a perfect opportunity for the world to see another side of Olivia.”

Maybe fans will see this aforementioned, different side of Olivia, or maybe the scandals will keep coming. Either way, fans are glued to the screens every time DWTS pops up.

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