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Paulina Porizkova Took ‘No Filter’ to the Next Level With This Video Grieving Ric Ocasek’s Death

Grief can feel completely unbearable and lonely. And during the past year, so many have had to endure that process alone. But Paulina Porizkova is using her platform to assure her fans and Instagram followers that there is no shame in being emotionally vulnerable and letting others see what you’re enduring. The model took to Instagram yesterday on her late husband, Ric Ocasek’s, “death day,” and shared a video of herself crying for the world to see.

The video, which lasts just over a minute, showed Porizkova curled up with some tissues crying without stopping, as she grieved the immense loss she’s been living with for one year. “The crying lady of Instagram,” she began the caption to her post. “This has been a really really hard week for me. (My husbands death day, becoming an empty nester and finding out I’m not as loveable as I thought I was). So I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Between grief, heartbreak, and the utter sense of being alone for the first time since I was fifteen or so, I’m overwhelmed. And this is what that looks like,” she wrote.

Porizkova revealed that she’d spent “the whole day” crying. And while in the past she wouldn’t have shared something this vulnerable, she made the decision to put the video out there. “This is me at my most vulnerable. My most naked,” she wrote. The following day, Porizkova shared another post, featuring an unfiltered selfie in which her eyes were puffy and red from the tears she shed the day prior.

“Grief and Heartbreak both isolate you,” Porizkova began this particular caption. “The beauty of both is that once you’ve experienced it, you can go out in a canoe and extend the comfort of your presence to your loved ones when they are in the same situation,” she added, after musing on what grief and heartbreak really mean to her.

Porizkova has seemingly become one of the most vulnerable figures on Instagram. She never shies away from bearing it all, and her latest post of emotional vulnerability ought to reassure so many that they are not alone in their grief. We can only hope that Porizkova emerges from this chapter in her life feeling more empowered to continue sharing her most unfiltered, authentic self.

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