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Ant Anstead’s Privacy Concerns About Renée Zellweger Seem to Be Fading With This Intimate New Photo

Ant Anstead seems to have thrown his privacy policy right out the window on Wednesday when he posted a cozy shot with girlfriend Renée Zellweger on Instagram. He clearly wants to share this relationship with all of his followers — and the couple seems pretty smitten with each other.

He didn’t caption the post, but let the photo speak for itself. He uploaded a black-and-white image of the two of them looking directly into the camera with deliriously happy faces. Zellweger snuggled Anstead as their faces touched — it’s a sweet photo to share. However, he keeps playing up the idea that the “relationship is something that’s really private” and then turning around and sneaking a photo on Instagram. We know social media always stirs up a conversation, especially when you’re dating a two-time Oscar winner. “It’s something I’m not really willing to talk too much about,” he told People earlier this month. “It’s really early in our relationship and I don’t want to put any pressure on that.

But even without talking in-depth about it during an interview, sharing a photo on a social media platform invites the media into their relationship (hey, we are writing about it right now). If he doesn’t want any pressure or eyeballs on what is happening behind closed doors, it’s best just to keep his page about his work and his kids like he normally does. And it looks like they are both happy with where their dating situation is headed — and we like happy celebs — but it’s hard to decipher what Anstead wants when he is saying one thing and then contradicting himself with his Instagram posts.

The Judy star has always been relatively private about her personal life, but we imagine she’s giving him photo approval to post even though she shuns social media for herself. So it will be fascinating to see how this plays out in the coming months because they both look committed to each other. Will Zellweger become more public about her love life? Or will Anstead beg for privacy, but share as much as he can away with? We are keeping our eyes on these two lovebirds because it looks like they are in it for the long haul.

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