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Ben Affleck Jumps in to Rescue Jennifer Lopez from Aggressive Fan at the Venice Airport

On September 11, Ben Affleck became Jennifer Lopez’s knight-in-shining-armor as he protected her from an over-enthusiastic fan. The beloved duo was leaving Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy, with a slew of security guards, when a fan decided to step in.

The overzealous fan rushed to JLo but was immediately stopped by Affleck. The fan thought he could get a selfie with no problem, but that was quickly shut down. They tried to get close to JLo, but the sudden movement made JLo flinch away from the man and instinctively grab onto Affleck.

The Argo star asserted his dominance in the situation by pushing the fan away, by placing both hands on the fan’s chest. Affleck can be heard saying “Woah, Woah, Woah,” while doing so, followed by the guards swarming the fan. 

After that, Affleck grabbed JLo’s hand, asking her “Are you okay?” She continued to shine that beautiful smile even after the incident, thanking the airport personnel for their service.

One Twitter user wrote after news broke of this incident, “Thank you Batman” with the flexed bicep emoji. 

Another fan tweeted, “He’s such a Gentleman! They deserve All this and more!”

The previous day, the duo became red carpet official at the premiere of The Last Duel at the Venice Film Festival. They had beaming smiles and looked as glamorous as ever. 

People are obsessed with Bennifer, and we’re the same way. They’re truly becoming a modern-day fairy tale in Hollywood, and we can’t wait for what else they’ll do.

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