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A Picture of Baby Feet Has Shailene Woodley Fans Freaking Out

Shailene Woodley has been notorious for keeping her personal life under wraps. However, fans are beyond confused after she shared a picture of baby feet onto her Instagram story.

On September 9th, Woodley took to her Instagram story to post a black-and-white photo of someone holding adorable baby feet. What may have seemed like an innocent photo on her end, has left fans perplexed on a whole new level.

The photo was quickly reposted on multiple Instagram accounts, speculating what exactly the photo means.

Was there a birth in the family? Is this a pregnancy announcement? Did she give birth? Or is she just causing chaos amongst her fans? Who the heck knows.

One fan posted on their timeline the photo, tweeting “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN #shailenewoodley”

“ummm whose baby is that on Shailene Woodley’s Instagram story????” another tweeted

While many are convinced that this means something, many just think she posted a photo of baby feet because she wanted to.

It came out earlier in 2021 that Divergent actress, Woodley, and Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, have fallen madly in love. They moved in right away, got engaged almost immediately, and have still kept their love under the radar. But now…is there possibly a baby on the way? 

Either way, they seem on cloud nine, and we couldn’t be happier for their blooming romance.

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