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Britney Spears Still Wants One Part of Her Conservatorship to Stay in Place

The Britney Spears conservatorship case has brought forth several understandable concerns as Jamie Spears begins the process to step aside. But for anyone doubting that the pop star can’t handle it all alone, she’s asking for guidance once the conservatorship ceases to control her anymore — and it’s a really wise move for Britney.

Apparently, she would like for Jodi Montgomery, who has been on her team as her care manager, to stick around after this entire legal mess is over, according to TMZ. That would mean taking on an adviser role to help her manage her household and to stay on track with her medical needs. It’s a wise decision to have a stable voice assisting her in this major transition after 13 years in a conservatorship (which hasn’t ended yet).

This news probably doesn’t come as a shock to Britney fans, who have understood that it was her father who was hindering her life, not Montgomery. Having the “Toxic” singer personally request to have Montgomery stay beyond the conservatorship shows how much Britney “trusts” her, according to the Daily Mail. A source shared with the media outlet that the mom-of-two isn’t “working because of her dad” and that if Montgomery sticks around after this is over that “things would drastically change for the better.”

But we can’t get too far ahead of the legal case just yet. Britney is hoping for a major legal victory on Sept. 29, which is the next time the judge will meet to read Jamie’s recent filing to step aside as her conservator. If her dad is officially out of the picture, then Britney’s lawyer will work to dissolve the conservatorship entirely — and she will be free.

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