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Christina Haack Reveals the Emotional Reason She Sold Ant Anstead Marital Home in Newport Beach

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead’s split in September 2020 took many people by surprise and while they never gave a real reason as to why they got divorced (not that they owe it to us), viewers are getting more insight on the season finale of Christina on the Coast. The TV personality reveals how hard the breakup was on her and why she needed to sell the Newport Beach, California home they shared together.

Haack loved the home that she shared with her ex, but admits that she needed “a fresh start” in a clip seen from Thursday night’s episode. (See the video at People.) “I was trying to redo things and I built the bar and I had plans to change the wine cellar and add a cabana in the backyard, to make it my own space, but it’s just. . . I need a fresh start,” she tells friend Cassie Zebisch in the video.

Haack decided to take advantage of the “off-market offers” because they were “very hard to pass up,” which makes complete sense in a very hot real estate market. “It’d be nice to go to the coast and get that infinite ocean out there. I mean, we live in Newport, might as well have the view,” she adds in the sneak preview.

That’s exactly what Haack did, she sold the home for $5.35 million in June and recently purchased a stunning $10.3 million Dana Point home with rooftop views of the ocean that are simply magnificent. That’s in addition to her Tennessee country home where she’s been spending time with boyfriend, Joshua Hall. It looks like letting her marital home go with Anstead was exactly what she needed to move forward. “It’s a beautiful home and a new family is going to come in here and create wonderful memories,” she concluded in the clip. “It’s just time to start over.”

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