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Janet Jackson’s Documentary Might Finally Reveal Her Side of the Super Bowl Story

Janet Jackson is ready to tell her story — and we can’t wait to listen. The pop superstar released the teaser trailer for her upcoming documentary simply titled, JANET. The film will be a two-night event on Lifetime and A&E in January 2022 to honor the 40th anniversary of her first album release.

Janet shared the teaser on her Instagram feed and gave a very nonchalant caption to the very powerful video, “Hey u guys. Excited to share the first teaser of my new documentary with u. 😘 #JanetDoc.” What follows next is a 60-second clip of an epic career that has had incredible highs, but also some challenging lows. And she’s not telling her story alone, Missy Elliot, Paula Abdul and even her big brother, Tito Jackson, show up to marvel over the wonder of the “Control” singer. Even though her legacy is firmly cemented in music history, Tito sweetly chimes in during the trailer, “She will always be my baby sister.”

But what the documentary is also promising, per Vulture, is her side of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake — the event that brought the words “wardrobe malfunction” into our daily vernacular. We’ve heard Timberlake’s side over and over again (and his many half-hearted apologies over the years), so we hope Janet gives us the last word on the halftime show that derailed her career for a decade while Timberlake remained relatively unscathed. And that’s pretty much what she’s promising — the good and the bad — as she sits down in front of the camera, confidently saying, “This is my story, told by me. Not through someone else’s eyes.”

Janet is not making any apologies for who she is and what she’s accomplished because she’s shattered so many glass ceilings along the way — even if the critics tried to drag her down. She’s reminding everyone how she fought for a place at the table and won. “This is the truth,” Janet sums up at the end of the clip. “Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it. This is me.”

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