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Ivanka Trump’s First Public Outing in Months Suggests She’s Focusing on Family

It’s been a while since Ivanka Trump has been seen near her Miami Beach condo, but after a two-month absence, cameras caught the mother-of-three enjoying an afternoon with her oldest child, Arabella Rose, 10. Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner put the brakes on their public life after they left Washington, D.C. in January after serving in Donald Trump’s administration.

Even living in the sunny, warm climate of Florida, sightings of the young family are few and far between. Going back to June, a source told Fox News that Ivanka’s priority was “focusing on family time” and these new photos indicate that’s exactly what she is doing. Ivanka and Arabella were both dressed casually in coordinating blue athleisure outfits looking like they were waiting for a car to pick them up. (See the photos at the Daily Mail.)

While Kushner was not photographed with the mother and daughter, he’s apparently hunkered down and writing a memoir about his time in the White House and his work in the Middle East during the Trump presidency. That also aligns with CNN‘s reporting that former senior adviser has “checked out of politics” for good. He and Ivanka are spending their energy elsewhere and waiting for their home on a $32-million plot of land on Indian Creek Island to be completed.

There’s also the thought that laying low right now could be a strategy for making their way back to life in New York City. Cousin Mary Trump believes the couple has a plan in mind. “I think she and her husband are more interested in staying away long enough in the hopes that people forget what horrible human beings they are, and then they have this fantasy that they’re going to be able to reemerge into New York high society or something,” she told Business Insider.

Their long-term goals remain to be seen, but it looks like their short-term goals involve raising their young kids far away from the public eye.

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