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Jennifer Aniston Teases a New Project With Sexy Photos of the Businesswoman in Action

When you’re one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, your schedule is bound to be filled to the max with exciting projects and secret new partnerships. Of course, when we talk about such stars, someone who immediately comes to mind is none other than Jennifer Aniston. The Friends alum posed up for a new photo shoot, for which she sported a pair of heels, mini skirt, and blazer jacket — teasing a brand new project she has on the way.

Aniston, who’s basically become a pro at keeping certain elements of her personal life as private as possible, didn’t exactly reveal a lot when it comes to her upcoming partnership. However, she did leave a little hint by tagging LolaVie in the two photos — the first of which featured Aniston in her sexy, all-black business attire and the second showing off Aniston’s beach blonde waves. “Something’s coming,” she coyly captioned the images.

Now, if we had to guess, we’re going to assume that Aniston’s upcoming project might have to do with self-care and/or beauty. The actress has long been a fan of natural elements that keep her looking like she’s barely aged since her days on Friends. And her history with LolaVie actually runs further back than we previously thought.

Back in 2010, Aniston joined the fragrance game with her own scent by the name — you guessed it — LolaVie. The fragrance was billed as a non-perfume perfume, per WWD. It’s been more than 10 years since Aniston entered the beauty brand fray, but it seems like now is the right time for the star to resurrect one of her past projects. If we had to guess, LolaVie is coming back with a bold new look, honing in on the natural, simple beauty elements of which Aniston has become well-known. Regardless, we’re looking forward to what she has in store for fans when LolaVie reintroduces itself on September 8.

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