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Ben Affleck Proved He’s Closer to Jennifer Lopez’s Family Than Ever With This New Ad Starring Her Mom

Ben Affleck has a new commercial out for the WynnBET gambling app that he not only directed, but stars in as well. That gave him the leeway to cast a very familiar face in the ad — and we are not talking about former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal or actor Melvin Gregg. Jennifer Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe “Lupe” Rodriguez plays a very important cameo in the commercial.

As Affleck walks through the casino about a minute into the clip, viewers see Rodriguez yell at the slot machine, “Come on, Lupe! You can do this girl, just like the slots in St. Louis!” The 75-year-old grandmother looks fabulous dressed in a red sweater and looking very glam with her hair and makeup. It’s no secret she and her daughter’s boyfriend “enjoy gambling together and have done it in the past,” an E! News source revealed when the spot was filmed last June. And there’s no better way than to make your future mother-in-law (we are manifesting this) happy by giving her some time in the spotlight.

Affleck and Rodriguez had a close relationship the first time Bennifer dated and apparently, those feelings haven’t changed the second time around. “Guadalupe loves Ben and is happy that he is back in Jennifer’s life,” said the insider. Now that Affleck and Rodriguez can finally share the commercial with the world, we think this is a pretty cool project to be a part of.

And since this ad was filmed over two months ago, things have only gotten more serious between JLo and Affleck. The pop star has relocated to Los Angeles and the couple is searching for the perfect property to live together. It’s quite possible that it’s only a matter of time before Rodriguez calls Affleck her son-in-law — and the two enjoy a few family gambling trips to the casino.

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