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Kim Kardashian Had No Clue That Marilyn Manson Would Be at Kanye’s Release Party

Kim Kardashian West seems to be seriously out of the loop when it comes to Kanye West’s endeavors…including his latest and very controversial one. For his most recent album release party for Donda, West had a pretty controversial guest list including Da Baby, who has recently come under fire due to homophobic comments he made, and also accused rapist Marilyn Manson. Why would Kim Kardashian agree to be a part of something that ended up being so controversial? Well, apparently she had no idea Manson would be present.

Kardashian was featured in the release party, wearing a wedding dress and reenacting getting married to West. However, she apparently never saw or knew Manson was at the event. A source told People that, “She was seated inside a suite facing the back of the house on the stage so she would not have been able to see them.” The source went on to share that, “She wasn’t in the loop at all about what was happening at the show. She was only aware of what Kanye had asked her to do.” We can only imagine how difficult it can be supporting an ex and we wouldn’t be surprised if she had limited contact with him and really was out of the loop. At the same time, we have a feeling Kardashian has probably already heard West’s new album, which apparently features Manson (according to a People source)…so how could she not know?

Either way, we hope Kardashian doesn’t receive a ton of backlash for West’s choice because it’s exactly that, his decision. We would be very surprised if she had anything to do with Manson being in attendance. We’re curious to see if Kardashian herself will come out with a statement on the situation…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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