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Kim Kardashian In a Wedding Dress at Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Raises Questions About How They’re Aligned


On August 26th, Kanye West hosted another Donda listening party, to get people excited for his upcoming tenth studio album. You’d think this event would’ve made headlines for him setting himself on fire during one of the songs, but it’s something even wilder: After the fire stunt, West emerged from the ashes to greet ex-wife Kim Kardashian West in a full Balenciaga wedding gown (see photos from Page Six here). Kardashian joining her ex in what looked like a recreation of their famous 2014 wedding was enough to raise questions all on its own, but West’s other guests at this listening party — accused rapist Marilyn Manson and rapper DaBaby, whose recent homophobic comments have lost him a number of business deals — have us looking even more closely at how and why Kardashian is signaling her support.

Kardashian’s stunning appearance in a Balenciaga Haute Couture wedding dress and long veil in order to engage in some performance art with West had fans positing a number of theories, from guessing at whether the ex-couple was actually signaling they were getting back together to filing this under another way Kardashian can show support for the father of her kids, as she has by appearing at his previous two Donda parties as well.

The ex-couple wasn’t just seen in wedding cosplay at the event but were also seen leaving together holding hands — but it’s Kardashian appearing to be in such alignment at an event with her ex where he’d invited guests Manson and DaBaby that really has us wondering where she stands. Both these recently disgraced stars appeared on stage with West, and the allegations against Manson in particular — of sexual assault, abuse, and rape, with accusations from multiple women — raise serious questions about what exactly West, and by extension Kardashian, are looking to signal their support for here.

With the extended release process of West’s Donda, only one thing is known for sure that this point: this album is already a moneymaker for West and he hasn’t dropped a single song.


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