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Megan Fox Suing Brad Pitt’s Manager Is the Craziest Celeb Story You Haven’t Heard This Week

Megan Fox is still singing the blues over the $3.3M Malibu, California property she bought in 2016 from Brad Pitt’s manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante. It seems that the home has a mold problem and that became quite an issue for the Jennifer’s Body star once she resided in the beachside house.

According to the lawsuit, the estate didn’t just have mold issues, it also had leaks that required $500,000 in repairs and gave her “chronic migraines” and “constant stress,” per the legal documents obtained by the Daily Mail. This case has been going on and on since 2018 costing a significant amount of legal fees for both the plaintiff and defendant — and the judge had already sided in Pett-Dante’s favor for a very good reason.

Fox was notified ahead of her 2016 real estate purchase that the home had some problems that would require attention. It was her real estate lawyer Joseph D’Onofrio, who warned her that the property was a “nightmarish, ill-advised and risky” move, but the actress ignored him — and also sued him in the case. After admitting to the judge that she didn’t bother to thoroughly review her inspection report and other vital emails, she had the gall to say, “I pay other people to read them and tell me what’s in them and advise me on what I should do or not do.” We are shaking our heads over this one.

Pett-Dante’s legal team pointed out that the property’s “cavalcade of deficiencies” was right there for Fox to see — they didn’t hide anything. “Despite those warnings, Plaintiffs removed their contingencies and agreed to move forward with their purchase of the Property with knowledge that there were non-permitted structures, mold, and septic tanks issues on the Property,” her lawyers wrote in the court papers. But believe it or not, Fox is the one who wound up with a little money (not enough to cover her legal fees), but Pett-Dante offered $100,000 to settle the case before they went to trial.

Fox gladly accepted the money, but she’s cost everyone a lot of time (and money) over a case she was likely going to lose. And yes, she’s still stuck with the moldy Malibu home, except it’s her ex, Brian Austin Green, who lives there now.

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