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Alana Thompson, Formerly Known As Honey Boo Boo, Is Unrecognizable in These Grown-Up New ‘Teen Vogue’ Photos

You may remember her as the adorably blunt country gal, Honey Boo Boo. She started her reality TV career at only 6 years old, due to the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. But the former beauty pageant contestant, whose real name is Alana Thompson, shocked people with a surprise tell-all Teen Vogue interview.

In the surprise issue, Thompson is glammed up from head to toe. In a high fashion wardrobe, Tiffany jewels, and eye-catching red lips, Thompson is looking like a queen. It’s clear she’s here to make a statement, and everyone is all ears.

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Alana Thompson poses for Teen Vogue Peyton Fulford//Teen Vogue

Since her 16th birthday is only days away, Thompson wants people to know what’s new. Specifically, that she’s all grown up, and unapologetic for who she’s become. She told Teen Vogue about saving up for a car and becoming a neonatal nurse someday.

She also told Teen Vogue that she isn’t Honey Boo-Boo anymore. “I guess people still expect me to be little Honey Boo Boo and I’m not anymore. Just because I’m from the south, people expect me to be all country bumpkin… But I do not care. As long as I like myself, I’m good.”

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Alana Thompson poses for Teen Vogue Peyton Fulford//Teen Vogue

She went on to discuss how her television career made it hard for her, especially when it came to public school. “To be honest, I do not have many friends. Because I feel like folks are so much like, ‘Oh my God, I’m friends with Honey Boo Boo.’ I don’t trust nobody really, so I don’t have friends.”

Along with this, she touched on a tougher subject that’s been in the media: her mother’s ongoing addictions. While she talked about how rough it’s been on everyone, she ended it on a positive note. “When my mama got real bad with her [drug use], I didn’t know where I was going to end up. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come.”

And we’re proud of how far she’s come. From reality princess to unapologetic queen, Alana Thompson has blossomed.

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