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Kristen Bell Just Posted a Rare Family Picture That Included Her Two Kids

Like many celebrity parents, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard consciously decided to keep their little ones away from social media. Although we may get a post every now and then featured their daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, their faces are always coved up with cute emojis. Bell just posted a rare family picture and it featured their two kiddos. Even though we can’t see their faces, their blonde locks totally give away that their Shepard and Bell’s offspring.

Bell shared the adorable photo to Instagram writing a simple and sweet caption, “Family day 💕.” Bell wore a cute matching striped set with a black bikini top and Shepard wore a pair of black swim trunks. Delta wore a blue ombre one piece, while Lincoln rocked an adorable orange and white striped sweater and daisy-covered jean shorts. Fans commended Bell in the comment section for continuing to cover up her little ones faces, one wrote “Love and appreciate you keep your kids faces blocked. They didn’t ask for the fame.” Another commented, “I have so much respect for stars who consider the well being of their children and make it a point to respect their boundaries even when they can’t express at such a small age.”

We’re glad to see Bell and her family having so much fun this summer, after the year we’ve all had we deserve a much-needed vacation. We can only imagine how awesome it must be to have Bell and Shepard as your parents…It looks like Delta and Lincoln are in good hands.

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