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Halle Berry Just Shared the Sweetest Serenade From Boyfriend Van Hunt On Her 55th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Halle Berry! Yes, she’s actually turning 55 today. If anyone has aged backward it’s Berry. We can’t help but wonder what her boyfriend, Van Hunt, has planned. The pair announced their relationship on Instagram nearly a year ago and they have continued to share loving appreciation posts for one another. It looks like Hunt has already gone above and beyond, serenading Berry for her birthday. Don’t worry, she shared the audio on Instagram so we can all swoon over his amazing voice.

Berry shared a video of herself smiling out the window with the audio from Hunt’s serenade in the background. She wrote the sweetest caption sharing her gratitude to be celebrating her birthday, “After the year we’ve all had, my heart is full as I’m grateful to see this August 14th. In the midst of the storm, I’ve managed to create happiness, find more peace, and feel more free than ever! Finally, I’m exhaling! Thank you vanO for my b-day serenade 🎵” We love seeing Berry happy about life and positivity about her past year has us inspired. Hunt’s beautiful serenade was a cover of The Platters song “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.” We can’t help but wonder what significance the song has for the couple.

These two seem oh, so in love and we couldn’t be happier for them. Hunt appears to be quite a romantic so we wouldn’t be surprised if he had even more planned for Berry’s special day. I guess we will have to wait to find out…We hope she has an amazing time celebrating her special day today.

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