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Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Took a Personal Turn as Blake Shelton Picks a Side

Divorce is never an easy situation, especially when it comes to friends, because they often have to pick sides. Kelly Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock was extra complicated because her Voice co-star, Blake Shelton, was managed by her ex-husband. How did the duo navigate their friendship throughout this tumultuous time? Well, somebody decided to pick a side — and that was Shelton.

While much has been made about Blackstock deciding to retire from the entertainment industry and start a new career as a rancher in Montana, per Us Weekly, it seems that the decision to go in a new direction was made for him. TMZ revealed that it was Shelton, who “terminated his relationship” with his longtime manager and that left Blackstock with no clients after his two big moneymakers had fired him. Oops.

This move shouldn’t have surprised us at all because The Voice judges’ friendship goes back about 15 years when Clarkson started to dabble in the country music industry — and their bond has endured ever since. “Blake and Kelly are extremely close,” a source told Us Weekly. “Their friendship and bond goes beyond the business.” And with the ugliness over finances that have come out during the divorce proceedings, Shelton may have felt there was only one choice to make — pick the talk show host’s side. He can easily find another music manager, but his friendship with Clarkson is forever.

Blackstock is supposedly starting over in Montana on the former couple’s ranch, but the judge just upheld the prenuptial agreement, which “segregates all assets and income derived” during the marriage — which means the ranch belongs to Clarkson. We will see if she puts it up for sale (she’s already called it a “financial burden,” per Us Weekly) or becomes her ex-husband’s landlord — and that would be an interesting outcome.

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