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Monica Lewinsky Is About to Relive the 1998 Bill Clinton Scandal All Over Again

Monica Lewinsky’s name is about to appear in the headlines again for an infamous scandal with former President Bill Clinton — but this time, it has her seal of approval. The former White House intern is finally in control of her narrative as an executive producer of Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Impeachment: American Crime Story on F/X.

The limited series takes a female-centric view of what happened in the days leading up to Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. Lewinsky’s affair with the then-president began in 1995, when she was interning at the White House, but their indiscretions didn’t come to light until an investigation looked into Clinton’s entanglement with another woman, Paula Jones. The tabloid headlines and salacious stories took over a nation as Lewinsky’s former friend Linda Tripp told every sordid detail of Clinton’s illicit affair with Lewinsky to investigators.

Lewinsky has shared her perspective over the years of the bullying she endured during the scandal and the impact it had on her personal and professional life. The activist was initially hesitated to sign on with Murphy’s project, but she realized that the creator was “giving a voice to the marginalized in all of his brilliant work,” per a statement to Vanity Fair in 2019. That doesn’t mean Lewinsky doesn’t find herself culpable in the scandal. She admitted in a new Q&A for Vanity Fair that her “biggest regret” is “that some of my choices have caused others suffering.”

And it probably won’t be easy watching Murphy’s interpretation of how events unfolded, even though she had input into the story. It’s just that everyone has an opinion about the Clinton scandal and Lewinsky knows some people will never have any empathy for her situation. But what makes this opportunity a little sweeter 23 years later is the fact that her voice was finally heard — and some people are listening.

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