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Penélope Cruz’s New Movie Poster Is Facing Censorship For This Image of a Lactating Nipple

It’s hard to believe that in 2021, a lactating nipple sends everyone into a frenzy. But that’s exactly what is happening with a movie poster image for Penélope Cruz’s new film, Parallel Mothers, as Instagram has decided it’s not fit for social media — and we are shocked (OK, not really) by the censorship.

What makes this image ban seem even crazier is the fact that the movie is about two women at different decades of their lives both experiencing pregnancy as single mothers. The bond between them is deep as they wait to deliver their babies — and that is the beautiful part of their relationship. The movie poster is designed to be provocative, not in a sexual way, but one that sparks conversations about motherhood.

The poster shows a photo of a nipple leaking milk — something any mom who experienced breastfeeding their child understands. Artist Javier Jaén shared the picture of his artwork on his Instagram account for a second time after the social media platform removed it for offensive content. He wrote the caption in Spanish, “As expected @instagram has removed the poster we made for Almodóvar’s latest film #madresparalelas. I will post it again. Thank you for sharing it.”

Jaén’s comments on his post were overwhelming supportive about the poster, and Cruz shared the image as well on her official account. The movie is expected to open on Sept. 1 at the Venice Film Festival, so it will likely cause more controversy and be a hot topic of conversation on the red carpet. But let’s hope it opens a few eyes to the fact that breastfeeding and motherhood are a beautiful stage of life instead of social media deeming it a sexual act.

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Jennifer Garner, Eva Mendes

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