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‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan’s Sassenach Whisky is Finally Back, But Not For Long

The sixth season of Outlander won’t be back until early 2022, but Sam Heughan’s got a solution for Droughtlander. He’s bringing back his limited edition whisky, “Sassenach,” inspired by the nickname his character, Jamie Fraser, calls his wife, Claire Fraser (Caítriona Balfe). Is anyone else singing, “He’s bringing whisky back, get your Sassenach,” to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “He’s bringing sexy back?” Or am I alone? Alone. Cool. So this Droughtlander has been tough for all of us, but Heughan’s whisky is a way to fill the drought but also get dehydrated! Confusing, I know. We’ve pulled together everything you will need to properly enjoy a whisky-drinking, binge-watching Outlander night.

Let’s get started. First up, the Sassenach. It sold out super fast last time, so you better be fastenach. You can just get the whisky or the whisky glasses too. And if you’re someone who needs your whisky with you at all times (no judgement), there’s a swanky hip flask too. Prickly Thistle which was featured in Heughan’s other show, Men in Kilts, for creating tartans in Scotland, has created a special bag if you insist on carrying the entire bottle with you at all times. (Seriously, no judgement. Okay, now I’m judging you but only in a good way, you want a Baby Bjorn bag for your whisky, it’s adorable).

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If you want your whisky glasses to be a little bigger and tell everyone what you’re drinking, well then these are for you.

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Sassenach Whisky Glass $14.49 Buy now Sign Up

If you want to impress your friends, you’ll need a little bar set
. So you can whip up all your Sassenach-based cocktails to throw back whisky just like Jamie and Claire do in every episode. (It’s a stressful show, you will need it).

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Image: Amazon.

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Now you probably don’t want your whisky to leave a water ring on your coffee table, so here are some coasters to make you classy and keep your furniture protected from your whisky habit. Especially, if you have your whisky on the rocks. (You should have it neat according to Heughan). These are cork ones that you can customize.

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Or if you prefer slate, there are these too.

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And finally, to set the mood, you probably need some candlelight. It’s 2021, but if you’re watching Outlander, you’re going to be traveling back in time and there’s no electricity there. Sorry. Etsy is wild place, and technically I am putting this candle here as a joke. But really I know you’re already buying it, you Sassenach Whackanachs. Correct, there is actually a candle that says you can “Smell Like Jamie Fraser.” Now I need a drink. If you want more gifts like this, we pulled together 35 of the best Outlander items here, including the Outlander book series, by Diana Gabaldon.

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C&E - Smells Like Jamie Fraser Candle - Soy Wax Candle - Scented Candle - Outlander $17+ Buy now Sign Up

So go get that Sassenach whisky, otherwise the only song you’ll be singing is, “Sing me a song, of a whisky that’s gone.” Double Droughtlander. While you’re waiting for Outlander to return in early 2022, you can binge watch the entire series and Men in Kilts on Starz. I’m not a mathematician but I think one bottle per season of Outlander is probably best. There are 5 seasons. Good luck.

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