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Sarah Ferguson Reportedly Faced This Terrible Threat From the Royals Amid Her Prince Andrew Separation

The drama-filled saga of the modern royal family is rife with shocking stories, and a new report suggests one chapter could have been even darker than we realized. Following Sarah “Fergie” Ferugon’s high-profile divorce from Prince Andrew, which was finalized in 1996, the Duchess of York was all but shunned from her former in-laws. Far worse, a new report seems to suggest that The Firm wanted to make this separation more permanent — and the reported way the royal family intended to further ostracize Ferguson was by procuring custody of her two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

According to a report from UK outlet Express, a “serious suggestion” was allegedly made by Queen Elizabeth II, Ferguson’s former mother-in-law, about “securing custody” of the two young princesses, who weren’t even 10 years old at the time that their parents’ divorce was finalized. A suggestion was allegedly made that Ferguson should be “pushed away” from her two young girls, following her scandalous separation from Prince Andrew in the early ’90s. The initial intent was to wholly exclude the former Duchess of York from the House of Windsor’s inner circle, as The Firm felt “they should always be in control” of royal children, per a royal family expert who spoke with Express.

Royal author Tom Quinn further reiterated the claims of this Express insider during his appearance in the Channel 5 documentary When Fergie Met the Monarchy. “It was put forward as a serious suggestion by the House of Windsor, by the Royal Family, largely because they feel they should always be in control, that they, or rather Andrew would have custody of the children,” he explained.

“Sarah would be pushed away, or rather would have visiting rights and I know at the time, Sarah’s father was absolutely outraged and spoke to the press.”

During the time of the highly publicized divorce, Ferguson’s father, Major Ronald Ferguson, told reporters, “I think it’s absolutely monstrous and quite unbelievable that there should be these suggestions that she should,” according to Express.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew were married from 1986 to 1996, after they were introduced with the help of Princess Diana. The couple initially separated in 1992, but their divorce was ultimately set into motion when photos of Ferguson with American financial planner John Bryan were published in August of that year. In the time since her divorce, however, Ferguson has found her way back into the royal family fold. She’s consistently supported her former husband, despite his own ongoing turmoil in the public eye. Most importantly for Ferguson, she’s remained incredibly close to her two daughters, as they become mothers themselves.

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