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Princess Charlotte is the Perfect Combination of Prince William & Kate Middleton In This New Photo

As the Cambridge kids grow up, longtime royal fans are seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children really come into their own. It’s been so fun to watch their personalities flourish, but it’s also been a total joy to see which parent the three little Cambridges — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — are growing up to look like. Well, if you follow the Cambridge family on Instagram, you got a great look at how Princess Charlotte is the perfect combination of her famous parents.

The Cambridges took to Instagram recently and shared a new portrait of six-year-old Princess Charlotte cradling a beautiful butterfly in her hands for the Big Butterfly Count initiative happening across the United Kingdom. In the photo, Charlotte looked down at the delicate creature she had in the palm of her hands. Princess Charlotte’s hair really grew longer since the last time royal watchers saw a glimpse of the little princess. In fact, her brunette locks — which truly resemble her mother Kate Middleton’s hair — cascaded into soft golden blonde hues! Now, we wonder where she got that from.

Princess Charlotte is clearly such a sweet combination of both her mom and her dad. She is, however, developing her own unique personality, at least if you ask her father. “I’m 6 now. I’ll do what I want,” is basically Princess Charlotte’s motto, per Prince William. Plus, we’ve already seen that Charlotte has quite the cheeky side, too!

Not only is Charlotte a bit of a performer, she’s not at all afraid to show just how spunky she is — even in front of photographers! Who could forget a certain event back in August 2019, during a semi-formal appearance, when Princess Charlotte opted to forgo the royal wave, and instead stuck her tongue out at paparazzi? If what we’ve seen and learned about the little princess is any indication, royal fans are surely in for a lot of fun moments as the Cambridge kids grow up.

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