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Jennifer Aniston Envies Jennifer Lopez For This Surprising Reason

The art of the red carpet truly seems like such an elusive part of mastering celebrity. In fact, even Jennifer Aniston — who has been gracing premieres, award shows, and more since the ’90s — often times feels “weird” posing for the camera in some of the finest designer dresses out there. But there’s one star whose red carpet poses the Friends alum confessed she’s kind of jealous of — and it’s no surprise that it’s Jennifer Lopez.

The Golden Globe winner chatted with InStyle in their new September profile about how awkward red carpets really are. “I don’t know how to stand on a red carpet, but you do the best you can,” she confessed. “I also try to connect with those people holding cameras. Some of them I’ve known a long time, so I’ll say hello. If I’m having an honest interaction with someone, it makes it easier.”

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Jennifer Aniston for InStyle’s September issue, hitting newsstands on August 20th Emma Summerton/Dawes+Co.

For inspiration, however, Aniston looks to none other than “Jenny From the Block” herself. “I want to know what gives her the look like she’s about to be seething,” Aniston shared, calling Lopez’s presence on any given red carpet “amazing. She’s almost stuck getting mad at somebody, but she’s just so gorgeous. She’s like, ‘I can’t believe I’m standing here.’ But I don’t think she’s trying; she fell out of bed that way. She’s a performer.”

Indeed, if there’s anyone who can slay a red carpet, Lopez is definitely at the top of the list. But ever since skyrocketing to fame in the mid-’90s, Aniston has had her fair share of incredible red carpet moments, too! Regardless, these two ladies always seem to stun at any given event, and it’s so fun to learn about the playful envy Aniston has for Lopez’s red carpet game — and, honestly, we totally get it.

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