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Tom Brady’s Athletic Prowess Came Under Fire From Wife Gisele Bündchen After This New Video Aired

Tom Brady is obviously a football legend. He’s won an astounding seven Super Bowl rings and been named Super Bowl MVP five times in his career. But as amazing as Brady is as a quarterback, he’s never been known for his quickness on the field. And at almost 44 years old (happy early August 3 birthday, Tom!), he certainly isn’t getting any faster  — a point made hilariously clear by his wife Gisele Bündchen in her comments on the new promo video for the Madden NFL 22 video game.

Yesterday, the former Patriot and current Buccaneer QB posted a video on Instagram to promote the new game. In it, wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson tells Brady that he has the chance to increase his speed rating from last year and Brady is seen intently sprinting, in slo-mo, as images of a cheetah, a car, and a boat are interspersed speeding by. The end of the video, however, takes a turn when the slo-mo stops and you hear Brady huffing and puffing as he barely jogs past Johnson waiting with a stopwatch. The result? The same sad time as last year.

“I’m so happy I just throw the football for a living… #Madden22,” Brady captioned the video, poking fun at himself. So are the Bucs fans, Tom!

Bündchen added her own hilarious-yet-loving jab at her husband, commenting, “😂😂😂 Definitely not the fastest man around but for sure the cutest!!! ❤️te amo.”

Brady and Bündchen got married in 2009 and share two kids, Vivian Lake Brady, 8, and Benjamin Brady, 11. They’re also parents to Brady’s son Jack, 13, from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers agreed with Brady’s supermodel wife, with their official Instagram account responding to Bündchen’s comment: “@gisele that’s what we said when we signed him.” Aw, so nice they think he’s the cutest!

Obviously, it’s good to be humble when you’re the G.O.A.T. and be able to take some jokes made at your expense, and it seems like Brady is cool with making fun of himself — and others doing it, too. Of course, he’s always got those seven Super Bowl rings to casually flash anytime he needs to remind someone who he is.

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Tom Brady, sons Benjamin and Jack

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