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Mark Consuelos Looks Uncomfortably Hot in This Pic Snapped by Appreciative Wife Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this spring, but the two stars clearly still have the hots for each other. Of course, the fact that they are both dedicated to staying fit and healthy — in other words, sexy as all get out — probably helps fuel their libidos. Case in point, this super hot #tbt pic Ripa posted of Consuelos yesterday in which you can almost feel the steaminess. Both because he looks incredible — and because he looks so incredibly sweaty.

As Ripa captioned in the Instagram post, this photo was taken a year ago, and “when the air conditioner gave up, so did @instasuelos.” Based on the time frame and the decor in the background, we surmise this sultry pic was snapped when the two were living on a Caribbean island after getting stuck there after pandemic shutdown orders were instituted. We can think of worse things! Of course, the no A/C sitch seems like it wasn’t ideal for vigorous workouts.

Ripa loves sharing shirtless pics of her hubby, and we can understand why: Consuelos is a hunka-hunk of burning love. And this hot body is 50 years old, no less! Consuelos also shares a lot of thirst traps of Ripa, who is no slouch herself at 50. And by no slouch, we mean a total babe. These two have bikini bodies that make us wonder why they ever bother wearing real clothes.

Parents to three kids — Michael, 24, Lola, 20, and Joaquin, 18 — Ripa and Consuelos have worked hard to make their marriage work, but they clearly also have fun with each other, their sexuality, and life in general. Case in point, this Instagram post of the two from just last week, captioned “When the end is in sight….”

I mean, how can you not love these two?! We’ll have what they’re having. And go where they’re going. Because if you can manage to tear your eyes away from the physiques in the foreground, the scene in the background is pretty epic. Island vacation, anyone? Meet you there!

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