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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Summer Vacation Looks Like a Romantic Honeymoon In New Capri Photos

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romantic summer holiday sailing around the Mediterranean is showing no signs of slowing down. Each day the duo looks like they are falling more in love with each other — and who wouldn’t fall deeper in love over such a romantic setting?

The latest photos of their super-yacht vacation only confirm that the relationship is on total fire. (See the photos on TMZ.) From Affleck’s lusty gaze to JLo’s joyful smile, these two don’t care who witnesses their PDA because there is no one is penetrating their love bubble — it’s for them only. (Yet we still get to look on, thanks to the paparazzi.) Image after image, it’s evident the lovebirds can’t keep their eyes (or hands) off each other.

Lazy loaded image
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez MEGA.

So what does that mean for their return to Los Angeles? Both of them have busy careers, but it looks like this dreamy vacation has solidified the depth of their commitment. They aren’t worried that Lopez’s ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez just happens to be on the same itinerary only moments away from them. Bennifer just picked up right where they left off 17 years ago, which makes this entire week feel like the honeymoon they never had a chance to take.

Could a second engagement be just around the corner? It’s entirely possible given that a Lopez insider revealed to Us Weekly that while their reunion might feel like a “whirlwind” to us, none of this “faze[s] them one iota” because it’s the real deal, not some “big flashy attention grab.” The source continued, “They’re fully committed to taking the next steps and spending the rest of their lives together.”

While nostalgia seekers might want that pink engagement ring to resurface, we know that Affleck loves to give jewelry and JLo loves to wear jewelry (like her new “Ben” necklace). So we fully expect a new diamond ring to be slid on that finger — one that represents a fresh start for Bennifer 2.0.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

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