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Heidi Klum’s Husband Snapped These Incredible Pics of His Supermodel Wife in a String Bikini

Tom Kaulitz may be the drummer for Tokio Hotel, but he most certainly could have a career as a photographer for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit — at least if his wife Heidi Klum is the cover girl. Once again, Kaulitz has snapped some seriously steamy pics of his supermodel love in a skimpy purple string bikini, lounging luxuriously on a yacht, no less.

In the new photos Klum posted on Instagram, the 48-year-old beauty is reclining on the padded deck of a boat, with the gorgeous open water behind her. She looks especially long and lean in the shots, and she seems quite relaxed. But who wouldn’t be, if you were Heidi Klum spending a gorgeous day on a yacht with your clearly enamored husband?

Klum is also wearing a delicate gold belly chain, a pair of oversized sunnies, and a very impressive ball cap. We zoomed in on the photo to check out the brim, and there is a pretty cool Lego vignette happening up there! Minnie Mouse is presiding over a gathering that includes SpongeBob with a Squidward head, Stitch riding a white horse, and a Storm Trooper with a pet cat. That scene stays on the brim, even when Klum is laying down, so it must be a permanent addition to the hat. It’s certainly not a look for everyone, but Klum, of course, can pull it off.

Kaultiz clearly finds his wife of two years to be his muse, capturing sexy photos of her on the regular. During Klum and Kaulitz’s beachfront getaway  last month, he captured captured his love standing in front of the glass doors leading to the outside oasis in a barely-there string bikini bottom, looking hot as heck. And earlier this month he snapped a thirst trap pic showing Klum laying nude on a extra-large outdoor chaise, just barely covered with a rumpled towel.

Klum isn’t the only woman over 40 — or 50! — to be posting goal-worthy bikini pics. Recently, Elizabeth Hurley showed off her beachy bombshell body, Halle Berry has legs for days, and, of course, Jennifer Lopez is killing it. Love it, ladies!

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