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April Love Geary Is Defending Her Right As a Mom to Post Sexy Bikini Pics Like This One

April Love Geary is here to remind us that we are not going to shame other women in 2021, right? Right! After the model, and mom-of-three, posted a pretty spectacular butt shot on her Instagram account on Sunday, there was, of course, someone who had no self-control and just had to send her a nasty message.

Geary shared that exchange with her followers in her Instagram Story. The screenshot reads, per E! News!, “Dear April, I love your pictures, and you being a proud mom. But your last ‘sexy’ pictures. I don’t know, you don’t need that. What do you want us to see…?” The fiancée of singer Robin Thicke had a pretty sassy response and we are here for it. “I want you to see my ass in that last pic tbh.”

This isn’t the first time Geary has had to snap back at an internet troll. When she was pregnant with her third child, son Luca Patrick, she posted a gorgeous naked pregnancy photo with her third-trimester baby bump as the main focus. She got lots of love from her followers, but as we all know… there’s always one. “Girl!!! What are you doing 😩🤦🏽‍♀️,” the user commented under her post. “Mowing the lawn? What does it look like I’m doing???” Geary hilariously snapped back.

Moms are allowed to show off their pre-natal and post-natal in bikinis, fully naked or in sweats — it’s whatever makes them feel beautiful. We are too hard on our bodies as it is, so if there’s a day a woman is feeling special? Show it off, my friend! Don’t let any negativity dim your shine — Geary certainly isn’t letting it ruin her day. She’s too busy raising her cute babies and writing snappy retorts back to the haters.

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