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The Royal Family Pretends Everything Is OK with the Announcement of Prince Harry’s Memoir

Prince Harry’s big announcement on Monday that he’s publishing a memoir in 2022 had to shake up the royal family a little bit. Yes, we know he reportedly spoke with his family privately about the matter before the public found out, but they still have to be somewhat nervous about what he will reveal. Well, we finally have a reaction from Buckingham Palace, which is a no-comment comment that everything is fine, nothing to see here.

Since the Duke of Sussex is no longer a working member of the royal family, he is free to do what he wants when it comes to his career and his personal life. There is no longer a set of rules for him, nor does he need to ask permission from Queen Elizabeth, but out of courtesy to his family, he did let them in on the secret, according to People. And that’s where a representative from the palace took a very hands-off approach to the news, “Any clarification about the book would be a question for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

If we want to read into this, they aren’t going to make any waves about it because it only generates more negative press for the royals. It’s a “don’t ask us” approach, which then puts the ball in Harry’s court to answer all of the pressing questions. Other publications, like Page Six, swear the reveal caused nothing but “chaos” in the U.K. because Prince Charles had no idea that a publishing deal was in the works.

But the palace seems to be washing its hands of the issue and reminding everyone that Prince Harry answers for himself — they don’t want to get involved at this point. It appears to be a new approach that every one of the senior royals is utilizing — Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking on a “charm offensive” to win the public over and the monarchy isn’t feeding into the headline frenzy anymore. Will this strategy work or will it backfire as more news leaks out from the U.S. media? It will be interesting to watch this all play out because, for now, everything is just fine at Buckingham Palace.

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