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Megan Fox’s Regrets About the 2009 Golden Globes Led to Her Sobriety

Tossing back a few too many glasses of champagne can make someone say or do things they wouldn’t normally, and that is exactly what happened to Megan Fox at the 2009 Golden Globes. The actress and model, who had made headlines lately for her hot and heavy love affair with Machine Gun Kelly, regretted her drunken behavior at the award ceremony so much, it led her to stop drinking altogether.

In a “Who What Wear” video, Fox recalled sitting at a table with Blake Lively and all three Jonas Brothers at the Golden Globes that year and generously helping herself to the available giant bottles of champers.

“I went through multiple glasses of that,” Fox said in the video, referring to her 22-year-old self. “I was belligerent and said a bunch of s–t I shouldn’t have said on the red carpet after that. I think I got in a lot of trouble for whatever I said on the red carpet at this event. I don’t remember why but I know that I did. You can look that up.”

Well, E! Online did just that, and what it found definitely supports Fox’s story. While many celebrities partake generously of the free booze at the Globes event and there have been drunken incidents with stars before, Fox’s comments are especially cringey and even hateful.

“I’m pretty sure I’m a doppelgänger for Alan Alda,” E! Online reported that Fox said of herself in an interview with Giuliana Rancic, the former E! Live from the Red Carpet co-host, before then calling herself a transphobic slur.


“Now I don’t drink and this is why,” Fox told “Who What Wear” about how this incident led her to quit drinking.

In addition, when Rancic asked Fox if Brian Austin Green, her then-fiancé, was with her, according to E!’s research Fox answered, “He doesn’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to be my date. He’s a man. He has an ego.”

Whoa. Perhaps some unconscious foreshadowing of their eventual divorce?

Fox did have a booze-fueled compliment for Salma Hayek, however: “I really want her boobs. Those are the most amazing boobs.”

We can’t hate on her for that one, because if we’re being truthful, don’t we all?!

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