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Paulina Porizkova Just Debuted the Cheekiest Baywatch-Inspired Bikini Video

Paulina Porizkov isn’t the kind of gal to shy away from posting some pretty cheeky content on her Instagram. Whether she’s sharing intimate details about her sex life or stripping down for some steamy photos, the forever supermodel embodies the confidence we can only hope to embody someday. And her latest video is true to her effortlessly stunning self. On Instagram, the 56-year-old model showed off a cheeky blue bikini for a Baywatch-inspired clip, and while it’s not in slow-mo, she pretty much nailed what we’ll call her official Baywatch audition tape. Check it out below!

“Here’s my Baywatch moment! Always wanted to do this in slow-mo, but I thought instead I post the real version, me TRYING to look like a Baywatch babe,” Porizkov began her caption. “It’s no secret to my friends that I hate running. I have some arthritis in my hips (so much for having the body of a thirty year old) and running isn’t exactly comfortable. Also, I need to run for a reason, like AWAY from a bear or TO a great sample sale.😜”

OK, how does she manage to look so incredible while running in a bikini?! Paulina, we need answers. Of course, she looks stunning in the stringy bikini (and in true supermodel fashion pulls off some serious butt cleavage), but more than anything we love seeing her glowing smile as she runs in the ocean. And we’re not the only ones who were in awe of the beauty. In the comments, actual Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin wrote, “😂😂😂 great job! my slo-mo motivation was always a hot fudge sundae….🍨❤️🔥.”

Surely we’re not the only ones now imagining a Gena Lee Nolin x Paulina Porizkov Baywatch reboot now? I mean, how iconic would that be?

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