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Catherine Zeta-Jones Is a Yogi Inspiration in This Sexy Bathing Suit Video of Her Flow

Catherine Zeta-Jones sings, she dances, she’s an Oscar winner — and she’s a darn good yogi. The actress shared an Instagram video of her Sunday morning yoga flow that she sailed through with ease while wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a daring neckline (and backless design).

Zeta-Jones is on a luxurious vacation aboard a yacht with husband Michael Douglas and she’s been sharing lots of images and videos from the relaxing week — and we are completely envious. From swimming in the crystal clear ocean to snuggling up close with her hubby, you can tell they are having a fabulous time. Even though exercise isn’t always a priority for everyone when they are away from home, Zeta-Jones made sure her sexy swimsuit was hugging all of her curves while she did her yacht yoga.

“Easy like Sunday morning,” she captioned the post as she planked, downward dogged and stretched her long, lean muscles — all while keeping her breasts from falling out of the plunging v-shape. Now, that’s what we call talent! But working out isn’t anything new to the 51-year-old star, she’s been dancing since she was a kid and that’s always been incorporated into her fitness life. “I have a ballet barre in my gym,” she told The Telegraph. “I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour. I also hula-hoop, walk on the treadmill, do the elliptical [machine]. I try to keep the whole body working.”

Well, according to her vacation video, the whole body is working just fine. Her lean figure is also a result of her eating “real food” right now, but her ultimate “dream is to only eat desserts, ever,” she told WSJ Magazine. If that’s not the most relatable celebrity statement ever, we don’t know what is.

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