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Megan Fox Asking Out Adriana Lima on Instagram Has Us Daydreaming About Them As a Couple

Megan Fox certainly knows how to stir up a headline, but it’s surprisingly not with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly this time. The Till Death star enjoyed a little flirtation with supermodel Adriana Lima — and we are totally here for it. While everyone is trying to conjure up a relationship between Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd, the two women are game for a hot date at Malibu’s trendiest restaurant.

Lima got the ball rolling first by posting side-by-side images of them with their striking dark hair, stunning blue eyes and beautiful red lips. She captioned the photo, “@meganfox if you ever need a body double in one of your movies , hit me up ☎️ ⚡️ my only request is…. We share the same makeup artist @patrickta 💁🏻‍♀️💋.” Fox is always up for a challenge, so she took the message one step further, replying in the comments, “But what if I need a girlfriend…can I hit you up for that as well? 💜Patrick can still be involved somehow. He can do our makeup when I take you to Nobu.” Lima sealed the deal, responding, “@meganfox 🔥it’s a date see you tonight at Nobu🔥.”

It’s getting hot in here, ladies — and if they want to top the “it” couple of the moment, Bennifer 2.0, this is the way to do it. Fox has been quite open about her sexual identity and recently posted in honor of Pride Month, “Putting the B in #LGBTQIA for over two decades 🌈🌈.”  Lima was married to Marko Jarić for seven years and was last linked to businessman Emir Uyar, but it’s been a while since she’s been spotted with him. 

So we are rooting for Lima and Fox’s date to actually happen (it should happen, right?). And since it’s at Nobu in Malibu (a paparazzi favorite, we expect to see those hot girl summer photos soon.

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