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Britney Spears Sent Her Sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ Children Toys Amidst Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears’ kindness is seen yet again during a time we never thought she’d forgive her family. If you’ve been following the #freebritney movement, then you’ve probably seen or read the leaked deposition and realized just how horrible she has been treated. Spears seemingly has no control over her life and decisions, and it’s not by choice. As more and more information has surfaced about her parents, family, and ex-boyfriends, it’s clear that whether they knew about the conservatorship or not, they didn’t do too much to help Spears get out. Jamie Lynn Spears and her children have been taking a lot of that heat. In what looks like an attempt to make amends, Britney sent a box of toys to her little ones.

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Jamie Lynn Spear’s Instagram story. Image: Jamie Lynn Spears.

As we’ve said before, no child should be blamed or sent death threats, especially for actions they did not take and were not involved in. It seems like Britney is in agreement with this, as she sent a care package of toys to Jamie’s children. Jamie Lynn thanked her sister on her instagram story. She wrote, “nothing sweeter then coming home to a box full of goodies for my girls from their auntie 👯‍♀️💕” We can’t help but wonder how awesome it must be to have Britney as your aunt. She seems to be so genrous and kind with her neices.

This is one of the many reasons why we love her. When they go low, Britney goes high. One thing we know for sure is that we hope she can break free from her conservatorship and finally start living the life she deserves.

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