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Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom Are Fighting Over Khloé Kardashian in a Very Public Way

A battle of the exes. It looks like the men in Khloé Kardashian’s life seem to be heating up…and not in the best way. As many of you probably already know, the Kardashians know how to catch anyone’s eye through their social media posts. Whether it’s a sexy shot or a sweet family picture, they know how to get everyone’s attention. Khloé’s latest post seems to have drawn a couple of her past lovers in, Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson. Let’s just say it seems like these two aren’t really fans of one another…

Kardashian posted a beautiful bikini shot showing off her killer body, so we aren’t surprised her exes emerged in the comment section. She simply wrote “💦💦” as her caption, potentially alluding to her post being a thirst trap. Odom, Kardashians ex-husband, was the first to comment writing, “Hottie 🔥🔥😍😍❤️🥰🥰“. That seems to have bothered Thompson, her on again off again ex, enough to write a snarky comment back, “@lamarodom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.” Quite a strong dig from a man who supposedly cheated on Kardashian multiple times, one of those being with a close family friend. It seems like Thompson’s comment was a dig at Odom’s long battle with drug addiction. Fans of Kardashian seem to mainly be siding with Odom. “Lamar is getting more likes than Tristian and I am HERE FOR IT! #TeamKhlomar !!!!!” Another wrote, “I would rather she go back with Lamar than Tristan 🗣🗣🗣”

It looks like Khloé is living her best life, free from all these toxic men, and we are so here for it. If anyone deserves to have some me-time, it’s Khloé. We can only imagine how stressful it is to be in the public eye 24/7 and constantly being analyzed under a microscope.

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