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Prince Harry & Prince William Met Up & Talked About Diana Despite Their Rift on This Last UK Trip

Last week’s Princess Diana statue unveiling might not have solved all of the royal family’s problems, but it did signal a wonderful moment of unity for Prince William and Prince Harry. The day was about honoring their late mother on what would have been her 60th birthday. The feud was set aside and the legacy of Princess Diana was placed front and center.

The brothers had the opportunity to come together and quietly sort “through old keepsakes, notes from Diana” and really have that “bonding” moment that has eluded them for the last two years, per an US Weekly insider. This pre-event meeting aligns with the detailed work they did on the statue where they spent “months collaborating on the design,” according to a Telegraph source. “Both brothers wanted to ensure that the artwork is something that really resonates with the public,” said another royal insider to the U.K. publication.

It makes us think that a royal reconciliation is possible once they both come to terms with respecting each other’s life choices. One brother has a sense of duty to his royal lineage while the other wants to make his philanthropic mark without the rigidity of the monarchy. Both paths honor their mother’s legacy in different ways and that’s what they are hopefully starting to see. It’s a slow process, but it’s an opportunity to turn “a new page in their relationship” and let “the healing” begin, per US Weekly‘s source.

These small gestures of Prince William and Prince Harry memorializing their mother, releasing a joint statement and sharing stories about Diana may not seem like much behind closed doors, but it starts bringing the brother back together. And that’s something their late mom would love to see.

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