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These Super-Rich Celebrity Kids All Have Equestrian Careers

It’s too bad that the ongoing pandemic is going to prevent Bruce Springsteen from rooting daughter Jessica Springsteen on at her first Olympics. He will be watching proudly at home waving the American flag from his living room, just like the rest of us. This is his 29-year-old daughter’s way of making a name for herself in the equestrian world.

She’s not the only athlete who has fallen in love with the sport, we found lots of celebrity kids with famous (and very wealthy dads). It’s definitely an elite sport requiring a major investment, not only coaching, but in a horse. They require major care, training and travel that costs quite a fortune if they’re going to make it to the Olympic level. For Jessica, she came really close to making Team USA in 2016, but her horse, Don Juan Van de Donkhoeve, had a nagging leg injury that kept them out of the games. So being able to showcase her talents on a global stage is going to be a lot of pressure, but it’s also a big introduction to the world beyond equestrian circles.

Let’s take a look at other equestrians who have famous dads with a sizable net worth.

Jessica Springsteen

Jessica Springsteen wants to prove to everyone that she’s more than “Bruce Springsteen’s daughter” because she’s ready “to forge her own path,” 1984 Olympic gold medalist Melanie Smith Taylor told the New York Post. The equestrian veteran believes that Jessica should perform well in Tokyo because she “has really come into her own this year.”

Jennifer Gates

Jennifer Gates’ dad is one of the richest men in the world ($128.3 billion, according to Forbes) and it allowed her to pursue her dreams in the equestrian world a year after she graduated from Stanford in 2018. Now that she’s in medical school, it’s a bit of a balance to do both. “I know I won’t always be able to compete, or even to ride every week. But horses are just too special,” she told Sidelines magazine. “I can’t imagine not having them as a part of my life.”

Eve Jobs

As the youngest daughter of Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs, Eve Jobs often found herself in competition with Jennifer Gates. It’s as if their fathers’ rivalry in the tech world followed them straight into the ring. And just like Jennifer, Eve juggled studies at Stanford with a world-class, show-jumping career. “While school definitely can be challenging at times to fit in with the horses, I am a huge advocate for doing both,” she told “I think not only does it allow me to explore different academic passions, but it has also pushed me into developing serious time management, communication, and work ethic skills that have been instrumental to my growth and success in both areas of my life.”

Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg is the daughter of billionaire (are you sensing a theme here?) and former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. She’s had a lifelong love affair with the sport that she’s now sharing with her seven-year-old son, Jasper, and  owns the Global Champions League team, New York Empire. “I will never be remembered as the greatest rider or horseman and that’s ok with me,” she told Sidelines magazine. “I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard, did her best and made a difference in the world.”

Hannah Selleck

As the daughter of Magnum P.I. actor Tom Selleck, Hannah Selleck was raised far away from the Hollywood scene on a ranch outside of Los Angeles. Her interest in the sport blossomed at a very young age and carried her throughout her professional career. Even with a brief break to go to college, Hannah knew how fortunate she was, thanks to the financial help she received from her family. “My parents were generous enough to support the riding and keep my good horses while I was in school, but the idea was that I was going to school to prepare for a career that could then support my riding,” she told Equestrian Living magazine.

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