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Goldie Hawn Is Living Her Best Life in This Latest Video From Her Greece Vacation

Goldie Hawn is seriously living her best life. I mean, what’s stopping her? After a year of COVID-19, filled with isolation and staying at home, who can blame the star for wanting to enjoy her vacation to the fullest. In her latest Instagram post, Hawn danced and splashed around in the ocean, rocking around in her bathing suit on a beautiful Greek island. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hawn dancing it up to party music, which is one of the many reasons we think fans love her so much. We totally see where Kate Hudson gets all her bubbly energy from.

Hawn took her vacation in Skiathos, Greece. It may sound familiar to you, as it’s one of the main filming locations for Mamma Mia. How awesome is that? Hawn wrote, “Can’t stop, won’t stop dancing 💃 in Skiathos, Greece 🇬🇷 Mamma Mia, what an island!! 🏝” She looked incredible in her bathing suit, so we totally get why Kurt Russel can’t keep his hands off of her. We also have to note that we loved she’s dancing to “Mamma Mia” music in the video. Honestly, this is what we all needed to see after the stressful year we’ve had.

We do have one question . . . Where’s Russel? We have a feeling he’s the one who took the funny video. We all deserve to take a nice, long vacation away from home. We should all channel our inner Hawn and dance around in the sun, living our lives to the fullest. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s not to take anything for granted.

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