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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Have Wasted No Time in Getting Their Kids Together

It looks like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have taken the next step in their relationship. The couple, who recently reunited after nearly two-decade apart, have definitely been taking things at their own pace. After ending her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, we’re glad to see Lopez at such a good place with Affleck. The pair have already accomplished many relationship milestones, like taking a vacation together, meeting the parents, and now, introducing their children to one another. It may seem a little fast, but we have to remember these two were engaged back in 2002. They were recently spotted in Universal with their little ones and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited to see them taking their relationship to the next level.

The whole crew looked like they were having a ton of fun. Lopez brought her twins, Emme and Max, 13, and Affleck brought his son, Samuel, 9. Lopez looked cool as ever wearing a white cropped tank top and baggy beige pants, while Affleck wore a hoodie and jeans (photos here). We can’t help but wonder how their kids have been doing during this whole process, it’s never easy meeting your parent’s partner. From the looks of it, their children do seem to be getting along well.

We’re just glad that these two are back and better than ever. We cannot wait to see what’s next for them…maybe it’s moving in together. We really do hope that Bennifer 2.0 lasts and ends with a happily ever after. If any two celebrities deserve it, it’s these two.

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