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Gisele Bündchen’s Daughter Looks JUST Like Her in This Throwback Pic

Talk about a total mini-me. Gisele Bündchen’s not-so-little daughter, Vivian Lake Brady, seems to be growing up so fast and she’s basically turning into an identical twin of her beautiful mom. It feels like just yesterday that Bündchen and Tom Brady tied the knot and announced the birth of their youngest child . . . even though in reality, they got married in 2009 and had Vivian in 2012 (boy, do we feel old.) Bündchen and Brady share two children together, Vivian Lake Brady, 8, and Benjamin Brady, 11. In her latest Instagram post, Bündchen shared a sweet side-by-side comparison of herself and her gorgeous children. There was one thing in particular that caught our eye…Vivian’s resemblance to her supermodel mom. It’s seriously striking.

Bündchen posted adorable pictures of Vivian and Benjamin holding chickens next to throwback pictures of herself doing the exact same thing, writing, “I think we have something in common. Do you? (Me as a child and Vivi and Benny now.) #tbt ❤️ 🐓” She then went on to write her caption in her native language — Portuguese. Our favorite part about this has to be Brady’s sweet comment on her post, “So precious and love these angels and YOU my Numero Uno.” We have a feeling she’s raised her kids to love animals. We did a serious double-take at that first photo, we think Vivian and her mom look nearly identical. Even the way they’re holding the chicken looks similar!

Honestly, we cannot wait to see more updates of their children from Bündchen. Who knows? Maybe Benjamin will follow in Brady’s footsteps as a star athlete and Vivian in Bündchen’s, modeling across the globe. I guess we will just have to wait and see…

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