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Eric Trump Gave a Bizarre Defense of the Trump Kids’ ‘Clean Lives’ Amid Trump Organization Charges

After yesterday’s indictment of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, along with the company and the Trump Payroll Corporation, for tax fraud, Eric Trump took to the airwaves to defend his colleague and his family. While speaking to Newsmax on Thursday night, the middle son of Donald Trump decided to take his grievances in a unique, if not confusing, direction.

“We’ve always lived amazingly clean lives and believe me if they could have they already would have, right? I mean, that’s what they wanted that was their end goal,” he said. “You know the difference is I’m not Hunter Biden.” Eric then goes off in another direction to talk about Joe Biden’s son, which has nothing to do with the current charges against his father’s company. He then circles back to remind viewers that he, older brother, Donald Trump Jr. and sister Ivanka Trump “live really, you know, nice clean lives” and they “work very, very hard.”

It’s important to note that neither the former president nor his adult children have been charged in the case so far, but is he forgetting about the 2019 New York State Attorney General case where the family was found to have “illegally misus[ed] charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes,” per New York State Attorney General Letitia James. Donald paid a $2 million restitution fee to eight different charitable organizations, they were forced to shutter their foundation and there were “mandatory training requirements” for Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric in case they ever decided to run a charity again. That’s not exactly the idea of “clean living” if donated funds are being misappropriated, but Eric seems to be inviting that scrutiny by talking about it on national TV.

Weisselberg is fighting the charges and already pleaded not guilty. While prosecutors are trying to get him to flip on Donald, he continues to remain a loyal employee with the Trump Organization and the family. While Eric and other supporters find the charges frivolous, the investigators are looking to find evidence that the Trump Organization “overvalued and undervalued its assets on loan, tax, and insurance documents for financial gain,” per The Wall Street Journal. If this case leads down that pathway, more Trump family members could find themselves in hot water.

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