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Alex Rodriguez Seems to Be Missing Friends He Lost in the Jennifer Lopez Breakup

We all thought it was cringey when Alex Rodriguez rented the house next to Jennifer Lopez’s in the Hamptons, but the MLB star keeps on making it awkward with his ex. Now, Rodriguez is trolling for party invites from JLo’s friends.

Jennifer Lopez was one of many celebs who attended a Taco Tuesday and Lobos 1707 tequila party at the Los Angeles pad of Stevie Mackey, her voice coach. When Mackey shared a photo on Instagram of Stephanie Ferrett performing at the bash, Alex Rodriguez commented on the post, asking, “Where is my invite – Stevie?!

Gross. Even if A-Rod was joking, doesn’t he know that when a couple breaks up, in addition to dividing up your stuff, you also split up the friends?! And, frankly, if the rumors about Rodriguez cheating on Lopez are true, then he doesn’t deserve to keep the friends he made through her anyway.

A couple of Mackey’s followers seemed to echo our sentiments in their snarky responses to A-Rod’s query.

“He sent it via carrier pigeon 😭,” wrote @fllwmelikejesus.

“It is sent to Ben, 😞,” wrote @rshambakhtiari.

Mackey, however, responded gracefully to Rodriguez’s weirdo comment, with a simple, “anytime brother!! haha.”

Note to Alex: Even if Mackey is being sincere, please don’t show up at his party if Jennifer is there — or at any parties hosted by her friends. She deserves to go out without worrying you’re going to pop up! And honestly, you’re acting a little creepy. Between this, and the Hamptons house, and partying with Ben Affleck’s ex, you seem real desperate.

We know it must suck to have lost Lopez, but she’s moved on with Ben Affleck — like, really moved on — and so should you.

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