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Donald Trump’s CFO May Soon Be Choosing Between Prison Time & Testifying Against the Former President

Former President Donald Trump might be sweating a bit today as the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is reportedly getting one step closer in their tax-crime investigation against the Trump Organization. Chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and the company is expected to be hit with charges on Thursday, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The case goes back three years and is focused on the perks senior-level employees received — from apartments to vehicles — without paying any taxes. Trump issued a statement last week that dismissed any worries because those executive benefits were “standard practice throughout the U.S. business community, and in no way a crime,” per Associated Press. But this investigation goes much deeper than that and it’s why he should start to worry. Both the New York State and Manhattan attorney general are investigating whether the Trump Organization “overvalued and undervalued its assets on loan, tax, and insurance documents for financial gain,” per The Wall Street Journal. If they find evidence that supports that idea, Trump could be facing charges himself.

The one thing the former president has to worry about is if Allen decides to cooperate with the Manhattan District Attorney. So far, the CFO has remained loyal to Trump and has not given any information to authorities. It remains to be seen whether the possible charges will change his mind — prison doesn’t sound like the best option in this situation. He also has a lot of offer the investigation because he’s known as the “eyes and ears“ of the company, according to Vanity Fair.

And backing up the investigators’ claims is Jennifer Weisselberg, the ex-daughter-in-law to Allen. She turned over the financial documents from her 2018 divorce to Allen’s son, Barry Weisselberg, also a Trump Organization employee. “My knowledge of the documents and my voice connect the flow of money from various banks and from personal finances that bleed directly into the Trump Organization,” she told The Washington Post in April. The paper trail is apparently there showing off the financial level of bonuses her former husband and father-in-law funneled through from the company, including private school tuition payments and summer camp fees.

While Trump is trying to back away from the entire situation by taking no responsibility for what’s going on at a company that bears his name, he may have to start taking this investigation seriously. His faithful CFO isn’t the only one who could be charged and that’s when the real trouble could begin.

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